Chalet Activities

Tubing or Birthday Parties:

New for 2010-11 Season.   Tubing, skating or other winter sports parties.  Call us, we have the arrangment that will make your next party an unqualified success.

   Our Party Packages will include space in the chalet, bundled with a choice of outdoor activities.  Call now to arrange your next party or gathering…. 315-427-2422 

Our Menu for Val's Diner:


1/4 lb Hamburger 2.70
    with cheese 2.99
    Combo w/ Fries 4.25
Hoffman Hot Dog 2.20
    with cheese 2.55
    with chili +.35
    Combo w/ Fries 3.50
Pulled BBQ Pork 2.99
    Combo w/ Fries 4.25
Chicken Tenderloins 2.50
    Combo w/ Fries 3.75
Chili 2.00
Soup of the day 2.50
Fried Pizza Dough 1.75
Nachos with Cheese 1.75
Mozzarella Sticks  2.25
Soft Pretzels 1.50
    with cheese +.35
Krinkle Cut Fries 1.75
    with cheese +.35
Fresh Popcorn 1.60
Pastry Cakes 1.40
Candy Bars 1.35
Cheese Crackers 0.50
Slim Jims (3) 1.00
Welches Fruit Snacks 1.00
Chips/Doritos/Fritos 0.50
Soda Cans 12 oz 1.35
Boylan Soda 1.90
Energy Drinks 2.45
Juicy Juice 1.00
Gatorade 1.90
Bottle Water 1.50
Sweet Leaf Teas 2.45
Rescue Water 2.45
Everfresh Juices 2.45
Hot Cocoa 1.60
Coffee 1.60
Tea 1.25

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  1. Donna Obernesser says:

    Hi, I am trying to plan a 2nd birthday party for my son. I would like to have the party on the weekend of January 8th or 9th. There will be approx. 30 guests, mostly adults.  We would like to plan the event for about 3 hours. I am wondering what the cost would be for a party like this.  We would like to include tubing for guests that are interested.  Also, we would like to have this event catered. Do you cater or would we have to provide this seperately?

    • Mark Ford says:

      Hi Donna,

      Thanks for the interest in our services.   We can handle your party, soup to nuts.  We have both days open at this time, although there is a church group of 40 tubers signed up for the 8th.    It is not a problem to add your group since we can handle up to 120 tubers. 


      Here is the details.

      We have a table charge of $15 per 5 people.   The party room in the chalet has a fireplace and front row seating to watch the Big Val Ski Jump and Snow Board Terrain Park.   The tubing hill is not visible from there.

      Group tubing is $5 per hour per head.  Or $10 for 3 hours.  We do have some double tubes for parents to go down with toddlers.   

      We have a complete food service there.  In fact, you are not allowed to bring in outside food.   The exception is cake and ice cream.   Here is what we have each day:



      Hot Dogs (Hoffman's)

      Chili Dogs

      Chili Cheese Dogs

      Hamburger/CB (1/4 lb) cooked to order


      French Fries

      Fried Pizza dough

      Hot Nachos


      Items that are available during peak times and you can select for your party:

      Sloppy Joes


      Macaroni and Cheese (not the boxed Kraft stuff)


      Baked Ziti with cheese

      Meatballs and Sausage

      Tomato Pie


      Grab and go foods include your usual candies and chips and pastries


      Best bet is to give me your budget per person, and we will put together a menu for you. 

      Beverages include:



      Hot Cocoa

      Pepsi Products

      Arizona Ice Tea Products

      Bottled Water

      There is a filtered water fountain there also.



      J. Mark Ford

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