Tubing & Sledding

Tubing Fun at Val Bialas!!

The paid tubing hill is considered an amusement device by NY State.   As a result, there are specific requirments to get the certificate to open.    The lift going up, and the formation of lanes going down is required to be inspected.   Until  January 3, we had no snow to form lanes because of the rain.   By the time we got snow, we were into the weekend and the inspection couldnt be scheduled until the 7th or 8th.   Then it rained last night and the lanes melted out.   So we are back scrambling to get snow to form lanes again.    As always, we can still rent tubes for those who wish to walk up and slide down.

How it works:   The rules are simple, it is for 5 years and up, and at least 30″ in height.  There is ONE rider per opening.   That means ONE on a single and 2 on a double.  For Hours, see the PRICES AND HOURS AGE.   The cost is $8 per hour. 


Free Sledding is still here.   The handle tow lift is located on the east (left) side of the sledding hill.   Free sledding is allowed on the same hill.  Sledders without tickets can walk up the west (right) side of the sledding hill.   Free Sledders who sneak over to the tubing hill will have their sleds confisgated.



Tubing Fun at Val Bialas!!

Free Sledding is allowed on the EAST slope (adjacent to Elm St) and on the WEST half of the tubing hill.  The hours are DAWN to DUSK.

Please NOTE:   You may use this facitlity AT YOUR OWN RISK.  All winter sports, including Tubing are dangerous and can result in injury ranging from minor to traumatic.  You must have medical insurance to use this facility.  The Val Bialas Sports Center, Inc and the City of Utica are NOT responsible for any personal injury or property loss.   If you do not agree to these terms, you are not allowed to use any of these facilities, inluding Snow Boarding/Skiing, Skating, Tubing and Free Sledding.   This facility is not recommended for anyone with a medical condition that precludes this type of activity. 


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