Ice Skating

Last year, ice skating returned to Val Bialas for the first time in years.  Many people brought their kids or enjoyed a nice skate after school.  We are going to ratchet up the fun this year.   We are putting the ice skating rink on the second bank of tennis courts under the lights!    It will be a much larger rink, and it will be WELL LIT at night.

Waiting for Skating!

Why isn’t the ice skating rink full of ice?   We are waiting for the temperature to drop below 32 degrees.   Then we will flood it with water.

We are hoping to open the week before Christmas.

We are setting up the larger ice skating rink on the second bank of tennis courts.   It will be better than last year.   And it has GREAT lighting for nite time skating.    When we get sustained cold below freezing, we will flood the rink.

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