Pre Season Preparations


We are putting out the ice skating rink liner.   It is supposed to rain hard tomorrow.  Hopefully we will catch alot of natural water.   Then the amount of water needed to flood the rink will be minimized.



Set up about half the ice skating rink on the tennis courts.  Dug the holes for the anchors for the new handle tow lift.  Painted the frames for the terrain features.


We are doing the final clearing of the new trails with an excavator-   Pulling up stumps, grading the entrance to the new trails.   On the entrance to Echo, we are putting in a pipe culvert and grading over the top of it to smooth out that entrance.  We are also removing the big boulders that marked the Zoo trail path.   See our new trail map under Skiing and Trails.


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  1. Tom Fenton says:

    Do you have x-c ski lessons?

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