The city of Utica has not seen the parkway ski area look this good with lights for more than 30 years.


Kudos to Engler Electric.   These lights are all LED.   So it will cost pennies to operate.


January 24, 2016:   Still not enough snow on the hill to open.   We turned on the lights and snow making today.   We are confident it will snow within 2 weeks.

As it stands right now, Val Bialas is closed, but hope to open very soon.


January 10, Ok, maybe NOT opening soon.   What litte snow was on the hill washed away.  I am glad we held off on making snow the 3 days where it plunged below zero.   It would have all washed down the slopes today.  We will watch the forcast for the next week or so, and plan accordingly.   If we are lucky, we will get slammed in February.

Anyone out there know any MAKE SNOW dances?


January 3:   Going cold on Monday and Tuesday.   We will make snow on the Tubing Hill and see if we can open that event by next weekend.   Two days of snow making is not enough to cover the terrain park.  The weather will warm up for the next 10 days after that.  No snow making, no prospect for significant snow.   January 13-18th it appears it will be cold enough to make snow again and some natural snow will fall (although not much).  We will make snow on the terrain park at that time and continue to wait for natural snow.   There is no prospect the chairlift will open in the next 2-3 weeks.


TUBING will be open for private parties and GROUP Outings.   Call 427-2422 for more info.



Still booking parties for the chalet.   Send an email to info@skibigval.com.


Is it OK to make snow???? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT =====> View Larger Map

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