As of Monday Feb 20:



All Activities

The warm up over the last 4 days melted off 18″ of snow. 

We were going to open Presidents Day and Mid Winter Break, but we are closed.

If we get any new snow, we may re-open.


SLEDDING:   Free sledding is always open, and ALWAYS at your own risk.   Sled only in the 2 designated sledding areas (far WEST slope, and the far EAST slope.   Anyone caught sledding on the ski hills will be ticketed for TRESPASS.   In case of injury while sledding call 911.

CALL 315-266-0453 for the latest info on what is open.

 TUBING will be open for private parties and GROUP Outings.   Call 427-2422 for more info.


Still booking parties for the chalet.   Send an email to info@skibigval.com.

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